Judging Arrangements

Invited Judges

Robbie Whyte          USA    AB/SP                 Katharina Krenn            Austria AB/SP

Kim Tomlin              USA    AB                      Mimi Tsuroka                Japan     AB/SP

Rob Seliskar             USA     AB                      Erwin van den Bunder  Austria     AB

Tomoko Vlach         Austria  AB


18 Rings

Friday [eve] 3 AB, 1 SP [ SP Robbie Whyte]

Saturday 6 AB 1SP [SP Mimi Tsuroka]

Sunday 6AB 1SP [SP Katharina Krenn]



There will be a fun class on Sunday for all Supreme Cats & Alters & HHP to be judged on temperament and condition. Must be over 5years of age. If not entered in competition they must be entered as Exhibition only. Mystery prize for the winner.